…it was in this unlikely setting that I came to know what I can only describe as the amazing fact of Quaker worship. It was in that uncomfortable room that I discovered the way to the interior side of my life, at the deep centre of which I knew that I was not alone, but was held by a love that passes all understanding. This love was mediated to me, in the first place, by those with whom I worshipped. For my journey was not solitary, but one undertaken with my friends as we moved towards each other and together travelled inwards. Yet I knew that the love that held me could not be limited to the mutual love and care we had for each other. It was a signal of transcendence that pointed beyond itself to the source of all life and love.

George Gorman, 1973, Quaker Faith & Practice (external link)

As you come into our Meeting House you will be welcomed by a doorkeeper who will offer to shake your hand. We all enter the room where the meeting for worship is held when we are ready to do so.

During the meeting we sit in silence and listen. Someone may feel that they are led to speak. They will stand up and talk, often for a very short time. In the last 10 minutes of the worship any children who were attending children’s meeting will come in and sit quietly with the rest of the meeting.

At the end of the worship two experienced Quakers, called elders, will shake hands. People surrounding you will offer to shake your hand and the meeting will be over. There will be a short series of notices and then everyone will be invited for tea and biscuits in another room.

People in worship

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